We at Lifeguard on Duty understand that selecting a company to install a pool barrier is a decision that is not made lightly.

Lifeguard on Duty is a full service provider of top quality pool safety fences and nets.

Every pool should have a protective barrier to prevent little ones from accidentally falling in.

A removable pool safety system is the perfect solution - it's affordable, easy to install and you can set it up, or remove it in just minutes!

Backed by All Safe Pool Safety Products, (the leading manufacturer of Removable Pool Fences, Safety Nets, and Covers), you can be safe knowing that your children are safe around the pool.


Pool Fence System

A pool fence system is used to protect little ones from accessing the pool without supervision. The installation process is professionally designed to your specific needs. The barrier is installed to follow pool lines, spas or patio areas, maximizing all options for added protection and includes a self-closing, self-latching gate that is also removable. A pool fence system is convenient and affordable.

Pool Covers

All-Safe provides the largest selection of pool covers in the nation. There are several types of pool covers and each has different advantages and primary uses. Some pool covers are designed to be used as a safety barrier and some are used to reduce pool maintenance and expense. Some covers can be used for pool safety and for maintenance. Whatever your needs, All-Safe has your pool cover solution.


Pool Safety Net

A pool safety net cover is used to cover a pool or spa to protect small children from an open body of water. This safety net can be installed or removed by one adult in just moments. The net stretches tightly over the pool forming a secure barrier. The clips attached to the net hook securely into the anchors surrounding the pool.  A pool safety net cover is an alternative solution to a pool fence system.


Leaf Pool Cover

A Leaf Pool Cover is a lightweight fabric cover that is installed directly over a Pool Safety Net to keep leaves and debris out of your pool. It is designed strictly to assist in pool maintenance and is not a safety cover. It is not strong enough to be walked on and should not be used without a Pool Safety Net being installed under it.


Mesh Pool Cover

The featured All-Safe pool safety cover is also a mesh pool cover as the material is made from mesh. The mesh pool cover is designed for safety as well as for maintenance. The mesh is made of a woven mesh fabric. The cover is held tightly in place with springs and straps that attach to anchors in the deck.






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